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Falls Baseball now offers bat fittings for individual players and teams using top-of-the-line HitTrax technology.

Falls Baseball offers private fittings for individual players or may travel to your youth baseball location. As we get up and running, bat fittings are on an invite only basis.

Serious golfers have been fitted for clubs for years to maximize performance and find the right clubs to "fit" the golfer's swing. Like golf, baseball players may also benefit from fittings. Using HitTrax technology, Falls Baseball offers fittings to compare up to five bats at a time to determine the highest performing size and model bat for your swing. Metrics to measure performance include exit velocity, launch angle, and distance.

See example report below comparing an Axe Bat and a Demarini bat for a 10U player. Bat fittings may be used to find the right sized bat for a hitter, or compare models of similar sized bats.

Bat Fittings

If you are interested in a bat fitting for your youth player or youth baseball program, please submit the form below:


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