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Dogs & Dingers 2019 Note: The 2020 and 2021 Dogs & Dingers events are canceled as we focus our efforts on safely playing fall league baseball.

Congrats to Mark Sailer, our 2019 Dogs & Dingers champion! Mark outlasted 15 contestants to win the fourth annual competition.

Congrats also to the 5 finalists. The total Home Runs (both hitting rounds) and hot dog totals of each finalist are listed below:

  • Mark Sailer, 2 HRs + 12 hot dogs
  • Ian Gonzalez 6 HRs + 5 hot dogs
  • Adam Benotch 3 HRs + 6 hot dogs
  • Josh Smith 3 HRs + 6 hot dogs
  • Jared Sullivan 2 HRs + 6 hot dogs
Big thanks to all those that participated and attended for your support. Also huge thanks to our helpers at the event...without you we could not pull it off! This event helps us continue our sponsorship contributions to the local little league and support youth baseball in our area.

Dogs & Dingers 2019 Event Rules
Fourth annual fundraising event to support youth baseball and the community.

"Dogs & Dingers" is a Home Run Derby and Hot Dog eating contest designed to put power hitters and heavy appetites on an equal playing field. Participants will help raise money for youth baseball while competing for the coveted Dogs & Dingers trophy. Contestants earn points for every home run hit and for every hot dog consumed. Home runs are encouraged with approximately 250 foot fences. The rules are simple:

  • Round 1: Each batter gets 10 swings. A batter does not have to swing at every pitch. A swing includes any swing of the bat, including a home run, a foul, a pop up, a swing and a miss, etc. A home run must clear the fence on a fly (250 feet). Each home run = 2 points
  • Round 2: 10 minutes of eating hot dogs (everyone at the same time). Hot dog fully consumed = 1 point. The winner of the hot dog round automatically advances to the Championship Round.
  • Next, a total of 5 players advance to the Championship Round. Besides the hot dog winner, the highest number of cumulative points from Round 1 and Round 2 determines the remaining players to advance. In the event of a tie, the higher hot dog total determines the player(s) to advance. If still tied, well we'll just have to let an extra player or two advance.
  • In the Championship Round, home run totals clear but hot dog totals carry over. In other words, all players will start with zero home runs in the Championship Round but will have a starting score equal to the number of hot dogs eaten in Round 2.
  • Championship Round: Each batter gets 10 outs. An out includes any swing of the bat, except that a home run is not considered an out. Each home run = 1 point
  • Tie breakers after the Championship Round: Each batter gets 5 more swings. If still tied after the 5 additional swings, the higher hot dog total reached in round 2 will determine the winner. If still tied after that, a "base race" will determine the winner.
This event took place on June 29, 2019. Thanks to all that participated and supported youth baseball in our community!